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802 New Jersey Schools Reported Mock Election Results; 286,249 Students Voted

New Jersey students from kindergarten through 12th grade cast ballots in October in the 2008 National Student/Parent Mock Election.

Results are posted on the New Jersey Mock Election website, titled Democacy 101.

A story about the results is posted on this website.

New Jersey's NIE and Youth Readership Program Named 2nd Best in the Nation

The NIE & Youth Readership Committee of the New Jersey Press Foundation was honored in May 2008 by the Newspaper Association of America Foundation with a second-place General Excellence award for our 2007 programs.

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A report on the committee's February program is posted on an inside page of this website. For a summary and a link to the full NAA report, click here.

NAA Research Shows NIE Programs and Youth Pages Benefit The Bottom Line

Click here for a summary of three national research projects and links to three full reports.

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